Dear Spiritual Business Woman,

Do you feel like you are struggling to create a thriving spiritual business and not seeing the success you expected?
Are you feeling disconnected, disempowered, and discouraged?
Do you feel that you have blocks around being able to receive the success and income you desire?
Would you like to learn how to become empowered to transform your life to create a thriving spiritual business that brings you joy and prosperity?

If you are feeling this way…..know that you are not alone! Many women (myself included) have struggled in their spiritual businesses and felt powerless to know how to change things.  I will tell you that you DO have the power to completely turn things around and create a thriving conscious spiritual business in a very short time!

Most heart centered entrepreneurs have been taught that they need to work hard, give to their clients until they have no energy for themselves (or their business), and that it is not spiritual to make a great living and to be successful. They are out of alignment with their authentic selves and not able to confidently let their light shine in their business.

It is your Divine birthright to be successful, happy and receive a fantastic income in your spiritual business! By taking the steps to get into alignment with your radiant Goddess self, you can create your thriving business with much more joy and ease.

Tami Welcome Page

Image by Melissa Corter-Soul Artistry

My name is Tami Schmickle, and my purpose is to show heart centered women lightworkers how to align with their Highest Self and become empowered to create conscious, thriving spiritual businesses.

I have learned how to successfully create my own joyful spiritual business and would love to share what I have learned with you as well! I have put together a package of free gifts to help you to start turning your business around immediately!

The “Thriving Spiritual Business Woman Treasure Chest” includes:
  • Free Report: 3 C’s to a Thriving Spiritual Business
  • Guided Empowerment Meditation Audio-helps you start building confidence now!
  • Complimentary Thriving Spiritual Business Woman 15 Minute Breakthrough Session

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