Full moon blessings, love!

We are celebrating the arrival of our Virgo full moon today, March 7th at 4:40 AM PT (7:40 AM ET). This occurs in 16 degrees of Virgo.

The Virgo themes include the rational & practical mind, organization, being of service, focusing on the details, cautiousness, our health, and looking at ways we can be more meticulous and methodical.

This full moon activates the Virgo/Pisces axis with the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. This places special emphasis on creating a connection between the energies of the head (Virgo) and the heart (Pisces). We are being asked to focus on the highest expressions of both signs. This is an AMAZING time to do inner or spiritual work! It’s also fantastic to implement new routines now in the areas of health and self care, or to declutter and clear out things that you no longer need or love. Ask yourself what practical things you can choose to implement in your daily life that will support your highest desires.

Uranus makes a trine to our Virgo full moon, bringing in some potential new possibilities. Keep an open mind and maybe choose an option that feels very different and exciting to you-something you wouldn’t normally decide to do!

Structured Saturn entered dreamy Pisces a short time after our full moon became exact and remains there until February 2026. Saturn is about our structures, discipline, goals, hard work, commitment, boundaries and reality. Pisces is very different, with a focus on the world of spirit and our higher selves, our intuition and imagination, a lack of boundaries, the world of dreams, compassion and our inner wisdom. The goal is to utilize the highest expressions of these very different energies, blending the practical down to earth tasks with the things that truly speak to your spirit. Allow Saturn to provide you with a strong plan and commitment to creating the dreams of your heart and soul!

Full moons celebrate the culmination of the things you have been working to achieve since the beginning of the cycle with the new moon two weeks ago. Be sure to celebrate ALL of your magical achievements, big and small! Reevaluate now and decide what you want to release from our life, whatever is no longer serving your highest good. This can be a thing, a situation, a person, a habit, etc. You can journal about what you intend to release and then burn the paper in a fire safe container, releasing that energy to the Universe to be magically transformed.

I will be doing a full moon video in my newly reopened Facebook group, Awakening to Your Cosmic Design on Tuesday, March 7th at 1PM PT (4PM ET). I invite you to come on over and check it out!

Questions to reflect or journal upon during this full moon cycle:

🌕Who can I help to elevate with my love and service at this time?
🌕What small changes in my habits or daily health routine would serve me the most?
🌕What will be most impactful for me to release in my life now?

I would LOVE to hear how this Virgo full moon is impacting you! Please feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to share your experience.