Angel-Blog11For a long (long!) time I had a lot of trouble learning how to trust the guidance coming from my Higher Self (and most of the time wasn’t even aware of when I was receiving it!) When I got a sudden inspiration or idea from Spirit, my mind would jump in and say “oh you can’t do that, it won’t work” or “it doesn’t make sense” , “it’s not the right time”, “you don’t have the money”… get the point!

As I moved further along on my spiritual path, I became more aware and connected to my inner guidance. I started to recognize the difference between my mind chatter and the gentle whispers of my Higher Self. I started to listen and trust more often. I noticed how decisions would feel as I weighed each one and how they felt in my heart, not my mind. I started practicing choosing the options that resonated with my heart and soul.

“How can I learn to connect with and trust the guidance my Higher Self has for me?”

Here are some ways you can practice getting comfortable distinguishing between your Higher Self’s guidance and your mind:

  • Quiet your mind! Meditation is a great way to start opening up that connection.

If this seems too hard to do at first, practice sitting quietly for 5-10 minutes and just notice what ideas or information come to you.

  • Pay Attention- notice what the guidance sounds like! Is it consistent? Strong and powerful? Supportive? Direct and to the point? Encouraging and loving? Then it is coming from your Higher Self. If it is filled with rationalizations, abusive, changing constantly, or telling you that you are not good enough or not ready, then it is coming from your mind or lower self.
  • Weigh your decisions-if you are torn when you have a decision to make, try both on for size! See and feel yourself making each decision, imagine having chosen them one at a time. How does it feel? Do you feel empowered or disempowered? Does the decision feel heavy or light? Notice your body’s signals as well. If you feel a sinking feeling or a knot in your stomach when trying on a decision…..then you know that it is not coming from your true guidance.

Our Higher Self always tells us the truth.

Everything in your life flows with much more ease when you connect regularly with your divine guidance. Practice these tips and if I can be of any assistance, please contact me and let me know what you need. I would be glad to help you make that connection with your Higher Self!

I would love for you to share your experiences with trusting (and not trusting!) your Higher Self! Please share your comment below.