Thank You

Image by Melissa Corter-Soul Artistry

Dear Spiritual Business Woman,

I am so excited you have requested my Thriving Spiritual Business Woman Treasure Chest!

I want to acknowledge you for taking the first step to transform your spiritual business, whether you are still in the process of creating it or even if you have been in business for some time already. Putting these three steps into action today can get you started on the right track to being in alignment with a thriving and joyful business.

My name is Tami Schmickle, and my purpose is to show heart centered women lightworkers how to align with their Highest Self and become empowered to create conscious, thriving spiritual businesses.

It is your Divine birthright to be successful, happy and receive a fantastic income in your spiritual business! By taking the steps to get into alignment with your radiant Goddess self, you can create your thriving business with much more joy and ease.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. The first step is to read the free report, “The 3 C’s to a Thriving Heart Centered Business!”
  2. The second step is to listen to the guided meditation.
  3. The third step is to apply for your Divinely Aligned Biz Assessment.

Enjoy your gifts! Please feel free to Contact Me with any comments, suggestions, or questions about this site and our services.

Here’s your Treasure Chest:

Free Report 3 C’s to a Thriving Heart Centered Business


Guided Meditation

Empowerment Meditation

30 Minute Divinely Aligned Biz Assessment (only $27!)

Feeling empowered? Ready to move forward and transform?

Then I invite you to take the next step towards your dream business…..and life!

YES! I am ready to apply for my Biz Assessment. Schedule HERE