Today is a really important day…… for ALL of us!

Our planet is in a time of magical transformation.

We are being shaken to our deepest core right now, witnessing the world that we knew appearing to crumble right in front of our eyes, the things that defined our security disappearing, and relationships leaving our lives on a daily basis.

This is a GOOD thing! Yes I know, you probably think I’m just slightly crazy…..but just hear me out for a bit.

Old paradigms are falling away every day because they are no longer sustainable. They cannot exist any longer on our planet.

We are being called to step into our higher purpose. The things that are being released from our lives are the things that no longer serve us and represent those old paradigms, the structures, the old stories, the fears that used to define us.

So…….why are these changes happening NOW?


Because……’s time for us to AWAKEN!


To STOP hiding our authentic radiant light!
Time to stop playing small, connect to our authentic presence and start using our voice……to be HEARD and SEEN!

Time to step into our sacred leadership roles and to be a visionary, a model and a guide, sharing our gifts to help empower and transform the lives of others.

Time to acknowledge our power and take a stand to be a lighthouse for others, shining our magical beam of love, truth, and hope to light the way out of the darkness.
Are you ready to decide to reclaim your power and acknowledge your magic? Are you willing to BE that sparkling light for the brand new world that is emerging?

I am.


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