Sometimes our heart centered businesses seem to flow easily, joyfully and effortlessly. Other times it can feel like we are pushing a huge boulder uphill, only to have it roll right over us on its way back down.

Why does it seem so easy and natural for some people to create a unique and aligned business that they love where everything seems to come easily, money is flowing in effortlessly, and they are living a life that you feel you can only dream of having?

Well my love, I have great news…..YOU can do this too! It is your Divine birthright to have a business that excites you, feels authentic to you and is prosperous! If you are feeling like things are “off” in your biz, you aren’t bringing in the awesome clients or customers you would love to have, and your income is stagnating (or non-existent!) then read on:

Three Steps to a Divinely Aligned Biz:


Do you feel connected to your soul purpose in your business? Are you creating a biz that you truly love, that feels completely authentic to you and attracting the clients and customers who feel like a perfect match? Do you completely LOVE what you’re doing in the world? Going deep into your “why” will help you remember WHY you went into your business in the first place and WHO you wanted to serve. Taking inventory of your own unique strengths, challenges, and gifts will help you learn HOW to put those to use to connect with what comes naturally to you and learn to harness the greatness that has been with you since the beginning of time.

Working With Universal Energies

There is a time to receive Divine inspiration and create, a time to take action in your business and a time to rest or play. Learning how to work with the natural energies of the Universe and knowing how the planetary cycles affect you personally will help you take advantage of the optimal times. For example……Mars just came out of a 2 1/2 month retrograde period. Many people found it more difficult to take successful actions in their businesses and lives during that period. Mars is now direct (back to its normal state) and therefore major actions taken now will be tend to be easier, more successful and profitable than during the retrograde. Being aware of the astrological energies that are happening at any given time will give you a BIG edge in creating a prosperous biz that is in harmony with Divine cycles.


 Are you fully stepping into your power to create the radiant business that your heart desires? Transformation begins when you empower yourself to do things that put you out of your comfort zone. Have you been feeling called over and over to take a specific action, to connect with someone who can be of assistance to you in your business, to join a program that speaks to your heart? If you feel like you are receiving guidance but hesitating to take action….that is a sign that you REALLY need to take that action. Growth can only happen when you commit to stepping out of that comfortable place, taking a deep breath and doing the scary things that are calling to you. You have a HUGE Divine plan for your life that you created while still in spirit. Will you stick with what’s safe and comfortable………or will you say “YES!” to living that plan to its fullest? The choice is yours!


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