We are in the midst of SO much exciting change right now! We continue moving through eclipse season with a magical solar eclipse in 8 degrees of Pisces this Sunday, Feb 26th at 6:58AM PST/9:58AM EST.

Solar eclipses are VERY powerful events, bringing about MAJOR transformation in our lives. It is a huge consciousness upgrade! This is a sacred opportunity to honor what needs to be put to rest in your life and create new beginnings that will reenergize your life. Pisces especially supports releasing any fears of being separate from others, addictions where we are trying to escape reality, and any feelings of victimhood. The shifts and changes from a solar eclipse continue for as long as 6 months to a year afterwards. The house of your birth chart where the eclipse takes place will give you more info about what area of your life it is affecting specifically.

The time is NOW to look at the energy and the vision that you would like to create for the rest of 2017. How have things been going so far? Are you happy with where you find yourself now or is there some deeper transformational work to be done? What information do you need to move forward? It’s time to make new conscious decisions and to envision what you REALLY want, releasing the things that are no longer in alignment with your heart and inner truth. The decisions you make and the actions you commit to now will set the stage for the next 6-12 months, so make sure you are clear on what you want and are always consciously moving towards it!

This particular eclipse activates the Virgo/Pisces axis with the Sun, Moon and the South Node in Pisces. This places special emphasis on creating a connection between the energies of the head and the heart……the focus on the rational, practical mind (Virgo) and the world of spirit, your Divine self, intuition, compassion and inner wisdom (Pisces). We want to swim in that higher vibration of Pisces by connecting to our intuition and inner wisdom to help us to discern and decide what is going to best help us evolve and grow. The South Node assists us in releasing what is no longer supporting our soul’s journey.

The dreamy Piscean energy is emphasized even more now by having 4 planets in Pisces (5 if you count Chiron) as well as the South Node. This is a GREAT time to connect with Spirit and your Divine self to receive inspiration around anything new that you may wish to bring forth into the world this year. This is also supported by Venus and Mars in Aries, which helps us to become aware of what we value, what we feel most passionate about, and provides the drive to GO for it!

The last time we had a solar eclipse in 8 degrees of Pisces was 19 years ago, in February of 1998. To get an idea of what area of your life will be affected by this eclipse, think back to what was going on in your life around that time. You will find similar themes being activated for you now as well. It won’t necessarily show up exactly the same way as it did back then, but it will most likely resonate with similar issues that were taking place at that time.

This is a fantastic time to set intentions for what you wish to bring into form and create the momentum for the remainder of 2017. *IMPORTANT NOTE* When setting intentions after a solar eclipse, be sure to wait until 48 hours AFTER the eclipse has become exact. This is different then setting intentions during a regular New Moon period. It is important to also avoid any Moon Void of Course times when doing so.

LOTS of energy is moving during this time! Take care of yourself, go within and really honor your needs right now.

Some questions to ask yourself at this time:

~What is coming to light for me during this solar eclipse?
~What am I feeling guided to create this year?
~What do I need to release that is no longer in alignment with my Higher Self?

I’d love to hear how you are experiencing the solar eclipse! Please comment and let me know what is coming up for you <3


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