Solar eclipse greetings, Goddess!

At this moment, we are navigating the magical and transformational solar eclipse energies. This powerful celestial event occurred Wed, Dec 25th in 4 degrees of Capricorn. The eclipse became exact at 9:13PM PT (12:13AM ET on 12/26).

Solar eclipses are VERY powerful events, bringing about MAJOR transformation in our lives. They are huge consciousness upgrades! This is a sacred opportunity to honor what needs to be put to rest in your life and create new beginnings that will re-energize your life. The shifts and changes from a solar eclipse continue for as long as 6 months to a year afterwards. The house of your birth chart where the eclipse takes place will give you more info about what area of your life it will be affecting specifically in 2020.

The Capricorn themes involve our divine goals and planning, responsibility, structure, boundaries, reality, and achievements. This is a time to be conscious and committed to showing up in a BIG way with everything that you are creating in your life!

The time is now to look at the energy and the vision that you would like to create for your New Year. Are you happy with how 2019 went-or is there some deeper work to be done? What do you need to move forward? It’s time to make new conscious decisions and to envision what you TRULY want, releasing the things that are no longer in alignment with your heart and inner truth. The decisions you make and the actions you commit to now will set the stage for the next 6-12 months, so ensure that you are very clear on what you want and are consistently moving towards it!

We will have even more divine support with this when Uranus goes direct on January 10th. Once this occurs, ALL of the planets will be direct until Mercury goes retrograde on February 16th! We also have 5 planets in Capricorn, adding even more focused and disciplined energy to assist us now: the Sun (shining our light), Moon (our emotional security needs), Jupiter (expansion), Saturn (discipline and focus) and Pluto (deep transformation, rebirth).
You have the complete support of the Universe to take inspired and committed action now!! Be sure to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity 🙂

Eclipses run in 19 year cycles. The last time we had a solar eclipse in 4 degrees of Capricorn was on Dec 25th, 2000. To get an idea of what area of your life will be affected by this eclipse, think back to what was going on in your life around that time. You will find similar themes being activated for you now as well. It won’t necessarily show up exactly the same way as it did back then, but it will most likely resonate with similar issues that were taking place at that time.

This is a FANTASTIC time to set intentions for what you wish to bring into form and create the momentum for 2020!! *IMPORTANT NOTE* When setting intentions after a solar eclipse, be sure to wait until 48 hours AFTER the eclipse has become exact. This is different then setting intentions during a regular New Moon period. It is important to also avoid any Moon Void of Course periods when doing so.

Lots of energy is moving during this time! Take care of yourself, go within and really honor your needs during these eclipse energies.

Some questions to reflect or journal upon:

~How would life look for me if I chose to shine my light even 10% more fully in the world now?
~What am I saying “YES!” to in 2020?
~What aspects of me still need to be brought into alignment with what I desire to create in the coming year?

Remember that you are a POWERFUL creator! Take this opportunity to make changes for the better, to take risks and create the life that you desire.

It’s GO time, divine one. <3