Hello Goddess!

We are basking in the powerful and transformational Solar Eclipse energy as we speak! This magical event occurred this afternoon, July 2nd in 10 degrees of Cancer at 12:16PM PT (3:16PM ET).

Solar eclipses are VERY powerful events, bringing about MAJOR transformation in our lives. It is a HUGE consciousness upgrade! This is a sacred opportunity to honor what needs to be released and put to rest-and to create new beginnings that will re-energize your life. The shifts and changes from a solar eclipse continue for as long as 6 months to a year afterwards. The house of your birth chart where the eclipse takes place will give you more info about what area of your life it is affecting specifically.

The moon rules Cancer, and both are also the archetype of the mother in astrology. The Cancerian themes revolve around home and family, nurturing, self care and your emotions. Cancer is also a very nostalgic and sentimental sign, so you may find yourself feeling emotional about “the good old days” or past connections that you have good memories of. Just remember that new moons & solar eclipses are about moving FORWARD, so try not to get stuck in the energy of the past.

This is a time to really ensure that you are nourishing your Divine self as well as others. Create some time to honor yourself today in whatever way feels best to you. It’s a beautiful opportunity to even take this a step further and decide to make today the beginning of your new AMAZING self care routine!

The time is NOW to look at the energy and the vision that you would like to create for the rest of 2019….. and even heading into 2020! How have things been going so far? Are you happy with where you find yourself now-or is there some deeper transformational work to be done? What information do you need to move forward? It’s time to make new conscious decisions and to envision and FEEL what you REALLY want, releasing the things that are no longer in alignment with your heart and inner truth. The decisions you make and the actions you commit to now will set the stage for the next 6-12 months, so make sure you are clear on what you want and are always consciously moving towards it!

The last time we had a lunar eclipse in 10 degrees of Cancer was in July of 2000. To get an idea of what area of your life will be affected by this eclipse, think back to what was going on in your life around that time. You will find similar themes being activated for you now as well. It won’t necessarily show up exactly the same way as it did back then, but it will most likely resonate with similar issues that were taking place at that time.

We currently have 4 planets in retrograde (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune & Pluto). Mercury will join the party on July 7th, staying in retrograde through July 31st. Remember to take some time to slow down, breathe and care for yourself as needed.

Pluto in Capricorn continues to assist us in transforming our lives by helping us to break down old paradigms and structures, helping us to let go of what is no longer in alignment with our Higher Self. Saturn in Capricorn brings in responsibility, hard work and the potential to achieve your goals. This energy assists in building the new foundations that will support us as we move into this new cycle of action.

This is a FANTASTIC time to set intentions for what you wish to bring into form and create the momentum for the remainder of 2019. *IMPORTANT NOTE* When setting intentions after a solar eclipse, be sure to wait until 48 hours AFTER the eclipse has become exact. This is different then setting intentions during a regular New Moon period. It is important to also avoid any Moon Void of Course times when doing so. Please join me in my Facebook group, Awakening to Your Cosmic Design for this evening’s solar eclipse video and information on the best times to set your intentions.

We will be fully in the energies of Mercury Retrograde from July 7th-31st. Once we are in the retrograde period, it’s best to use this time to set the intentions for what you wish to move forward and pay attention to anything that comes up for review or revision with those intentions. I will be doing a special Mercury Retrograde video next week in the Facebook group to talk more about this.

LOTS of energy is moving during this time! Take care of yourself, go within and really honor your needs right now.

Some questions to reflect or journal upon now:

~What would it look like if I chose to shine my light even more fully in the world?
~What do I need to release from the past that is no longer in alignment with my Higher Self?
~What am I feeling guided to create in the second half of this year and going into 2020?

Remember that you are a POWERFUL creator! Take this opportunity to make changes for the better, to take action and create the life that you desire.

NOW is the time!