Happy Scorpio new moon, beautiful Goddess!

We are already being impacted by the energy of this potent new moon, which takes place in 12 degrees and 40 minutes of Scorpio. This becomes exact Thursday, Nov 4th at 2:15 PM PT (5:15 PM ET). This marks the beginning of eclipse season as well, so we are in the midst of an especially transformative cycle as we get ready to close out 2021!

The Scorpio energies revolve around transformation, things that are hidden from our view, power, death and rebirth. It’s a time to release what is no longer working in our lives (old patterns, beliefs, behaviors, ways of being, relationships, structures, etc.) and be open to welcoming in much-needed change.

This new moon asks us to go very DEEP within ourselves and examine what is coming up for us. Are you willing to go into the depths of your soul, to take a look into your shadow and notice what is there-waiting to be seen, acknowledged and accepted?

Being courageous and willing to do this inner work now will bring about tremendous healing. This frees you to step fully into your power to honor and begin living in alignment with your divine being. The upcoming 11:11 portal provides extra incentive to do this work and reminds us that NOW is the time to begin releasing that which is holding us back from living fully as who we came to this planet to BE. We can no longer afford to stay dormant or go backwards on this journey-we are being asked to do whatever it takes to be 100% true to ourselves. We must do this now to become fully aligned with this amazing new world that is being birthed.

Uranus opposite the new moon brings in the potential for the unexpected. Stay open to sudden changes or events, get grounded and make necessary shifts as needed to flow with these Uranian energies for your highest good!

Mars squaring Saturn may feel like obstacles are suddenly showing up in your path. Mars wants to go, go, GO!! Saturn asks us to slow down, be patient and keep the focus on our desired outcome. Action is desirable in a new moon cycle, but take note of when you may need to simply take a breath and re-evaluate before jumping in rapidly.

New moons are for setting intentions and planting the seeds for your magical desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. It is especially powerful to write down those intentions and review them each morning and evening, reading them out loud and putting yourself in the feeling space of already having that which you desire!

Once you are clear on what you desire to create, take inspired ACTION on those intentions! Avoid Moon Void of Course periods when setting intentions.

If you would like to know more about where this powerful new moon falls in your personal astrological chart (and therefore which area of your life is most likely to be impacted), I invite you to check out my regular video in my Facebook group on Thursday, Nov 4th. I will also be giving you the absolute best times to set your new moon intentions! You can learn more about the group and join HERE: Awakening to Your Cosmic Design

Questions to journal or reflect upon during this new moon cycle:

🔥What is asking to be transformed, released, or rebirthed now in my life?
🔥How can I be open to receiving the messages my soul has for me at this time?
🔥What would TOTALLY light me up in my life? What no longer does?

I would love to hear how the Scorpio new moon and eclipse season are impacting you! I invite you to comment below with any insights that are coming up for you.

Enjoy these cosmic energies! <3