Hello magical Goddess!

We are currently welcoming in the illuminating and transformative solar eclipse energy! Our very last eclipse of 2021 will occur this Fri, Dec 3rd at 11:43 PM PT (which is Sat, Dec 4th at 2:43 AM ET for my east coast lovelies). This powerful cosmic event will take place in 12 degrees of Sagittarius. ♐️

Solar eclipses are very potent events, bringing about major transformation in our lives. They are monumental consciousness upgrades! This is a blessing and an opportunity to honor what needs to be released and put to rest-and to be open to magical new beginnings that will change your life. The shifts and changes from a solar eclipse continue for as long as 6 months to a year afterwards. The house of your birth chart where the eclipse takes place will give you more info about what area of your life it is impacting specifically.

We have lots of fiery energy occurring during this eclipse, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and the South Node all in the sign of Sagittarius.The themes involving action-oriented Sagittarius have to do with our belief systems, our higher truth, travel to faraway places, adventure, expansion, optimism, faith and other cultures.

Sagittarius asks you more than ever now to become aware of what your deepest truth is, to explore your belief systems thoroughly, release what no longer fits and take the necessary actions to enable you to speak and live in your FULL authenticity.

We are also being asked to be open to adventure, to be courageous and to take a risk. If you feel like there is something that you are being called to change, to implement or to step into major expansion-it’s time to take that leap of faith and go all in! 🔥🔥

The solar eclipse asks you to look at the energy and the vision that you would like to create for the rest of 2021-and moving into 2022. Are you happy with where you find yourself now-or is there some deeper transformational work to be done? What information do you need to move forward? It’s time to make new conscious decisions and to envision and FEEL what you REALLY want, releasing the things that are no longer in alignment with your heart and inner truth. The decisions you make and the actions you commit to now will set the stage for the next 6 to 12 months, so make sure you are clear on what you want and are consciously moving towards it.

This South Node eclipse may bring up some unfinished business from the past, something that you need to bring to completion or heal. Notice what that is for you, and look at what needs to happen to release any lingering energies from this so that you can move forward fully. It’s perfect to use the first 48 hours after the eclipse becomes exact to go within and do this vital inner work.

Neptune went direct on Dec 1st, opening the door for us to ruminate on what truly has meaning for us now in our lives. What messages are coming in from your Higher Self around this during the eclipse period? 🔮

This is an AMAZING time to set intentions for what you wish to bring into form and create the momentum for 2022! *IMPORTANT NOTE* When setting intentions after a solar eclipse, be sure to wait until at least 48 hours AFTER the eclipse has become exact. It is important to also avoid any Moon Void of Course times when doing so. You’re invited to join me in my Facebook group, Awakening to Your Cosmic Design this Saturday, Dec 4th for my solar eclipse video where you will receive information on the best times to set your intentions-as well as learn how this eclipse impacts you personally!

As we move through these intense cosmic energies, be sure to nurture yourself, stay grounded and truly honor your own needs right now.

Some questions to reflect or journal upon during this eclipse cycle:

🔮 Where am I being called to shed the last remnants of what no longer serves me and be willing to expand my magnificent vision for my life?
🔮 What is stopping me from fully living as my true self?
🔮 How have I changed in the last 18 months-and who am I BECOMING as I prepare to step into 2022?

Solar eclipses ask us to REALLY step up our game! Take this opportunity to make changes for the better, to take action and create the life that you desire for the coming year and beyond. You’ve got this! ✨

Enjoy the transformational energies of December! ❤️❤️