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Aries Charm

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Aries are a naturally charged high energy sign. The Aries goddess can also have a tendency to procrastinate, that is why crystals that charge up the Aries goddess will help support them in manifesting their dreams. Carnelian (also their power stone) enhances passion and courage while Citrine promotes manifestation and abundance. This combination creates a clear path to manifesting their desires.

Carnelian restores vitality and stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, and motivated for success. Carnelian aides in trusting yourself and your perceptions, it overcomes negative conditions & encouraged steadfastness. It sharpens concentration & dispels mental lethargy. Activates the base & sacral chakras.

Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. Carrying the power of the Sun, this is exceedingly a beneficial stone. It is warming, energizing & highly creative. It absorbs, transmutes & dissipates negative energy. It is an amazing Aura protector & cleanses the chakras. Citrine is the stone of abundance, teaching how to manifest & attract wealth & prosperity, success & all the good things in life. It raises self esteem & self confidence & removes destructive habits. It enhances individuality, motivation & creativity.

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Created by Tara Marie Jack, Intuitive Artist & Jewelry Design