Happy lunar eclipse, amazing goddess! 💜

Have you been experiencing intense emotions in the past several days? It may be due to the first lunar eclipse of 2022, which we welcomed in overnight! This occurred in 25 degrees of Scorpio at 9:14 PM PT (12:14 AM ET) on May 15th/16th. The themes associated with Scorpio are transformation, things that are hidden from view, power, and death/rebirth.

Lunar eclipses are full moons on steroids…..VERY powerful and impactful resets. You can expect major life-changing shifts over the next several weeks to months. This begins a shift in consciousness that will unfold over the next 6 months and help us to connect more fully into our personal soul journeys.

This potent Scorpio lunar eclipse asks you to go DEEP within yourself and examine what is coming up for you. Are you willing to go into the depths of your soul, into the darker shadow side of self and face what is there….waiting to be seen, acknowledged and accepted? What is asking to be transformed, released, or rebirthed?

Being courageous and willing to do the inner work now will bring about TREMENDOUS healing! This frees you to step fully into your power to live in harmony with your true self, releasing all that is no longer aligned. Know that whatever is coming up for release or closure at this time is divinely guided.

A lunar eclipse (like a full moon) always puts an additional focus on the sign that the sun is in as well. The sun’s placement is always going to be opposite that of the moon during these events, so we are experiencing the polarity of two opposing energies. Our goal is to create a harmonious balance between these two energies. So in addition to the Scorpio energies described above, the sun in Taurus will put an additional focus on our self worth, finances, security, our beautiful Earth, the things that we place value on, our self care and comforts, and the material and practical world. How can you choose to make adjustments in your life that honor your values now?

Lunar eclipses are a fabulous time to focus on releasing what no longer serves you and anything else that is holding you back from living your dreams and desires. Saturn squaring this South Node eclipse gives us a HUGE clarion call to step into mastery and make this a priority. Go within, connect with your higher guidance and look at what is coming up to be released. What are you deciding to no longer allow into your life? Make the commitment to release this during this cycle-then begin to incorporate something new that will better serve you in the coming years!

Emotions are magnified greatly now, and eclipses tend to bring about unexpected events. Be cautious about jumping headfirst into action-take some time to think, meditate and go within before doing so. During a lunar eclipse (and for some time afterwards), we are not able to see the full picture. More will be revealed after eclipse season ends-and you will find that you receive new information that was not available during the eclipse. Try to wait until after the end of Mercury retrograde on June 3rd to make a move forward with something substantial, so that you have all the information you need to proceed.

There is LOTS of energy flowing from these celestial events right now. Be sure to spend as much time as needed to rest and recharge! This is a time to really ensure that you are nourishing your sacred self, as well as others. Create some time to honor yourself these next couple of weeks in whatever way feels best to you.

Some questions to journal or reflect upon at this time:

✨ Where have I been resisting transformation?
✨ Have I been suppressing my true feelings about a situation in my life?
✨ What do I need to release that is delaying me from living my life to the fullest as I move into the second half of 2022?

We are being called to embrace our metamorphosis. Trust in the messages you are receiving. Consider this eclipse season your golden ticket to support you to upgrade, uplevel and expand your life in 2022 and beyond! 🔮