Abundant new moon greetings, Goddess!

We begin our day this Sunday, August 8th with an INCREDIBLY potent Leo new moon! This particular day provides us exceptionally compelling magic, as we are also at the highest peak of the 8/8 Lion’s Gate energies. This new moon becomes exact at 6:50 AM PT (9:50 AM  ET) in 16 degrees of Leo.

Leo asks you to step into your magnetic and confident self, to be courageous and shed all that no longer resonates with your true Divine being, to move forward with your vision and take inspired action boldly….and to do it all in a joyful way that allows your radiant light to SHINE! This is a fantastic time to explore new ways of doing things and embrace new directions. If you have been holding back on moving forward with something in your life-Leo is asking you to take that first step now! There’s no hiding with this dynamic new moon! It’s time to step fully into BEING the powerful and special being that you are.

We are in the midst of the powerful Lion’s Gate portal, which began on July 26th and reaches its peak on August 8th. These energies will continue to reverberate through August 12th. The Lion’s Gate occurs when the Sun and the Earth align with Sirius, creating an opening between the physical and spiritual worlds. The sun is the ruler of Leo, so there is a strong focus on the Leo energies listed above as well as the Sirian focus-which is connected with new beginnings, new insights, new awareness and higher levels of conscious awakening.

We are being showered with an astounding amount of divine wisdom from the higher realms now, which when integrated will help to activate our DNA as well assist in our awakening process. This is a period of time when the celestial energies are supercharged and helping us to manifest much more quickly-so this is the time to decide where you want to go! We are being provided with an EPIC energetic opportunity to take the steps towards creating an aligned life that serves us completely. You may notice that your life may already be starting to change SO much that the old is no longer aligned with the person you are becoming! This is the awesome transformative power of the Lion’s Gate portal.

If you would like to learn more about the Lion’s Gate and participate in a VERY powerful activation of these energies, I highly recommend checking out Ina Lukas and Janet Raftis’s Lion’s Gate activation HERE: https://inalukas.lpages.co/lions-gate-2021/

It’s a fabulous time to look back at how far you’ve come this year, integrate everything that has led you to where you are now, and ensure that you are in alignment with where you are headed. Boldly embrace any much needed changes that will drive you head first out of your comfort zone and help to create more of this alignment in your life!

This Leo new moon trines Chiron (the Wounded Healer) and is also squaring Uranus (independence and freedom, unexpected changes). We are connecting into some very powerful healing energy, both to help ourselves heal as well as the world. What actions can you take to assist with healing humanity, as well as healing yourself at this time?

New moons are for setting intentions and planting the seeds for your magical desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. The best time to set your intentions is from the time the new moon becomes exact (6:50 AM Pacific/9:50 AM Eastern) up until 48 hours afterward.  Avoid setting intentions during a moon void of course period.

You are invited to join me in my Facebook group, Awakening to Your Cosmic Design on Sunday, 8/8 for my Leo new moon video! You will have an opportunity to learn how this celestial event affects your personal astrology chart.

Q’s to journal, reflect or meditate upon now:

~Where am I resisting change and not living fully as my unique and authentic self?
~Which area of my life is calling for me to go in a new direction now?
~How can I begin to allow more space for fun and play in my life?

Remember that you are an amazing and POWERFUL creator! As a soul, you chose to be here at this transformative time to help to bring in the new world that we are birthing together. Take this opportunity to make changes for the better, and take the bold steps towards creating the life that you desire during this Leo season.

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