Hello divine spirit!

Today, March 13th we welcomed in a magical new moon in 23 degrees of Pisces. We are now fully in this beautiful energetic field as of 2:21 AM PT (5:21 AM ET).

A Pisces new moon places special emphasis on creating a connection to the energies of the heart…… the world of spirit, dreams, your divine being, your intuition, compassion and inner wisdom. We can bask in that higher vibration of Pisces by connecting to that intuition and inner wisdom, discerning and deciding how we can best evolve and grow as we use this new moon energy to move forward in our lives.

The magical Piscean energy is emphasized even more right now with a total of 4 planets aligning in Pisces (the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune). This is a beautiful opportunity to focus on being more loving, compassionate and connected to yourself and the world, while being careful to not take on the emotions of others as your own.

This new moon exactly squares the degree of the December 2020 solar eclipse in Sagittarius. We are being asked to notice what is coming to our awareness now that may be creating a shift in our perceptions. We are also being guided to notice the difference between the space we are in now, as opposed to where we were in December. Are you feeling more centered and connected with your soul as we move through the first few months of 2021? Make the most of this lovely Pisces energy to spend time reconnecting with your beautiful soul essence-and also notice any inspiration you may be receiving around what you wish to birth into the world at this time.

The Sun will move into powerful, fiery Aries on March 20th, shifting us to a very different focus. This will kick off the Spring Equinox and the astrological New Year, moving us into a more action-oriented period!

New moons are for setting intentions and planting seeds for your magical desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. This is a fantastic time to focus on what you wish to bring into form and create that momentum for the remainder of March. It’s ideal to write down your intentions and speak them out loud at the start of each day, fully feeling what it will be like when you manifest your desires! This will help to move the manifestation process along more quickly for you.

I will be doing my usual new moon video in my Facebook group, Awakening to Your Cosmic Design on Saturday, March 13th. I will be talking about how the energies of this new moon impact your astrological chart personally, so come on over and check it out!
There is LOTS of energy flowing from all of these powerful events right now. The new moon will drive us towards action, but remember to spend time as needed to rest and recharge as well! You will want to create a space for plenty of self care to be able to integrate the amazing galactic changes that have been occurring. Take this time to make use of the many wonderful healing modalities available to you such as energy work, meditation, massage, sound healing, salt baths-whatever resonates for you the most! Focus on giving yourself the love that you deserve <3

Questions to reflect or journal upon at this time:

  • How is my Higher self asking me to take excellent care of myself at this time?
  • Where in my life am I being asked to trust the Universe and step into expansion?
  • Who do I need to become to create my heart’s desires in 2021?

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I’d love to hear about your experience with the current celestial energies! Feel free to comment or share below if you feel guided <3