Life brings us many opportunities to step into our power and out of our comfort zones. The question is… we take advantage of those chances to grow and be the Divine Goddesses we came here to be? Or do we listen to our fears and reasons to stay in our comfortable stable places, wanting things to feel safe and unchanging?

I have been out of my comfort zone many times in my life (including right now writing this blog post!) Sometimes I have stepped gingerly out of it, other times I have been shoved out, and a few times (more recently) I have gladly taken that huge step out. I have been out of it many times over during this past year or so with entering my coaching program and then starting my business. I can’t even count the big scary steps I have been guided to take! Sometimes I was smart enough to take them when guided, other times I agonized over whether to do it or not for a while first. But I have not regretted taking a single one!

If I have learned one thing from all of this, it is that we are here on this earth to learn, evolve, and share our wisdom and gifts with the world! To unveil our unique radiance unapologetically….and shine that light to give others the courage to do the same. To play the biggest game that we can! We do such a disservice to ourselves and others by not doing this.

So…..are you ready to SHINE?

Some of the ways you can practice releasing fear and become the leader of your life:

  • Stretch Yourself! Practice stretching yourself a little bit each day. Say “yes” to that new person you just met who wants to connect further with you. Join Toastmasters so that you can practice your speaking skills. Go on that tropical spiritual retreat that has been speaking to your soul for 6 months now!
  • Shine from your authenticity! Honor and accept yourself…. show the world who you truly are! Do the things that completely resonate with your inner being. Don’t worry about what others will think. Sign up for that Crystal Healing program. Color your hair blue. Be who you are and say what you want to say in all of your interactions….at home with family, at work, in the grocery store….just be YOU!
  • Play a bigger game! Quit that soul sucking job that you have suffered with for the past 15 years. Jump out of an airplane (with a parachute!). Open the healing center you have dreamed of having ever since you can remember. When your inner guidance tells you it’s time to start advertising that program that you have been afraid to put out there…..DO IT!

What steps are you being guided to take TODAY?

I would love to hear about your experience with taking (or not taking) the big scary steps! Please share your comment below.