Happy new moon, Goddess!

Hope you are staying healthy and well in our new world!

Tonight, April 22nd we are basking in the beautiful earthy energy of a Taurus new moon, which becomes exact at 7:26PM PT (10:26PM ET) this evening. This takes place in 3 degrees of Taurus.

The Taurean energy is all about our self worth, our finances, security, our beautiful Earth, the things that we place value on, our self care and comforts, and the material and practical world. This is a PERFECT time to slow down even more, to indulge in healthy food that nourishes your body and supports your immune system, and to relax and reward yourself with extreme self care! Do at least one thing that brings you joy and pleasure today. It’s also a great time to focus on your financial plan and decide on the actions to take that will assist you in creating abundance and security for yourself in this new world.

This new moon is aligned with Uranus, which tends to bring to light any changes that are needed in your life at this time as well as a desire for more freedom. Our current events are asking us to step up in a BIG way! We are being guided to strip away everything that is no longer aligned and to chart a new course that completely honors our heart and soul. It’s more important than ever to decide what we want and to begin taking action on this.

We just moved through a Sun-Saturn square yesterday, April 21st. If you have been feeling low or like you have experienced some extra obstacles/challenges this week-try to stay positive, grounded and present. We are on the other side of this energy and will continue to shift away from this as the week goes on.

New moons are a time to set your intentions and plant the seeds for beautiful new beginnings! The best time to set intentions is within the 48 hours after the new moon becomes exact. Avoid setting intentions when the moon is Void of Course. **For more info on the Void Moon, please check out my Facebook group Awakening to Your Cosmic Design. I talk about this in much more detail in my live new moon videos and give you the absolute best times to set your intentions.

Questions to ask yourself at this time:

~What does security mean to me in these changing times? How might my desire for security be holding me back in my life?
~What is one thing I can do to show love and respect for our planet and/or humanity today?
~In what area of my life am I being asked to step up in a BIG way?

I would love to hear about how you are experiencing this magical new moon energy! What is coming up for you to look at more closely today? I invite you to leave a comment below about what is coming up for you at this time <3