Good evening Goddess!

We welcomed in the energy of a new moon in 4 degrees of fiery Sagittarius this morning at 7:06AM PT (10:06AM ET). The Sagittarian themes involve our belief systems, our higher truth, travel to faraway places, adventure, expansion, optimism, faith and other cultures.

Sagittarius asks us to become aware of what our truth is, to explore that and take guided action to enable us to speak and LIVE that truth. Are you using your authentic voice? Where are you being called to expand your divine vision for your life?

We are in the process of tremendous changes. Old systems are breaking down and creating a feeling of insecurity and instability. This is a necessary process that will continue on for some time and can definitely feel a bit scary at times. 2020 is going to be a VERY impactful and powerful year astrologically, beginning right away in mid-January! We can integrate the upcoming changes more easily by remembering that this is an exciting time of new possibilities for us. What do we believe is possible? We are responsible for writing our own stories and deciding as we move forward HOW we want those stories to read!

Jupiter is still in its own sign of Sagittarius until Dec 2nd, amplifying the new moon energy with a double dose of blessings, optimism and expansion. This is a FABULOUS week to anchor in your intentions and take inspired action to create your dreams!

Neptune goes direct tomorrow, Nov 27th after a long retrograde. If (like me!) you are still needing some quiet time and feel like you want to just BE-this is also a magical time to meditate, connect with your higher self and Spirit or focus on self care and creativity. Neptune is here to support you beautifully in doing any and all of this <3

We are moving through the end of the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde. It’s a great time to complete “cleaning out the closets” and revamping both your inner and outer environments. Continue to take time to reflect on where you’ve been in 2019 and decide how you would like 2020 to look. What is still calling out to be released from your life? Are you in complete alignment with what you wish to create in 2020?

New moons are for setting intentions and planting seeds for your magical desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. The best time to set your intentions is from the time the new moon becomes exact (7:06AM PT/(10:06AM ET) up until 48 hours afterwards. *NOTE* Please do NOT set intentions during a Moon Void of Course period.

Questions to reflect upon now:

  • Where do I need to speak up and share my truth with others?
  • What am I being asked to do now that scares me (but I KNOW I need to do it)?
  • Am I living fully into my big beautiful vision for my life? Who do I need to BE now to do so?

I would love to hear how this new moon is impacting YOU! I invite you to reply or leave me a comment about what is coming up for you at this time. What are you being guided to birth as we move into 2020?

Enjoy the magical new moon energies! <3

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