New Moon in Libra Sept 28th, 2019

Happy weekend love!

We are currently in the flow of the magical Libra new moon energies! This powerful event occurred in 5 degrees of Libra Saturday, 9/28 at 11:26AM PT (2:26PM ET).

Libra focuses our attention on creating harmony, peace and balance in all areas of our lives with a special emphasis on our relationships. Bringing heart and mind together to work as one will assist us in doing this with greater ease and flow.

If you are feeling like some relationships are out of balance or not as harmonious as they could be (including your relationship with yourself!), you can begin to take some steps to make the necessary changes to transform those relationships and create more peace for everyone involved. This is a GREAT time to start healing any conflicts or misunderstandings with others.

Look at where you may be doing a disservice to yourself in your relationships. Do you have a belief that you need to compromise your values, your goals, or yourself to please another? Libra wants us to have harmonious relationships that honor both parties equally. If you are in a codependent relationship, it’s time to look at how you can address that unhealthy balance as well.

This new moon is opposing Chiron (the wounded healer), which can bring up issues from the past or present that are still in need of healing. You are being called to make the changes that will honor your soul’s highest path and to create a space for healing in the best way for you.

New moons are for setting intentions and planting the seeds for your highest desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. It is especially powerful to write down those intentions and review them each morning and evening, reading them out loud and putting yourself in that feeling space of already having what you desire! The best time to set your intentions is generally from the time the New Moon becomes exact until about 48 hours afterwards.
Avoid Moon Void of Course periods when setting intentions.
Questions to reflect/journal upon at this time:

  • Where do I need to stand in my truth with myself or with others?
  • Where am I not honoring mine or others’ boundaries?
  • Who do I need to BE to become a source of strength and healing in my relationships?

Venus is squaring both Saturn and Pluto, which can trigger an awareness of where we need to buckle down and look at what needs to happen for us to transform our relationships with the way we view ourselves, money and finances and our desires.

Pluto, which has been retrograde since late April, goes direct on Oct 2nd. Pluto invites you to remember how powerful you are!!  Know that YOU are worthy and the one in charge of creating your own dreams and desires. Be willing to show up and do the work that will empower you to create a life of alignment, joy and blessings!

Jupiter in Sagittarius until the beginning of December will uplift us and assist us to step into expansion, opening us up to new possibilities! Take advantage of this time to focus on a goal or dream that you wish to manifest before the end of 2019.

I would LOVE to hear how this Libra new moon is affecting you! I invite you to comment about your experience below if you feel guided <3