Abundant new moon greetings, Goddess!

Tuesday evening, August 18th we are ushering in a fiery Leo new moon! This new moon becomes exact at 7:42PM PT (10:42 PM Eastern) in 26 degrees of Leo.

Leo asks you to step into your powerful and authentic self, to be courageous and shed ALL that no longer resonates with your true Divine being, to move forward with your vision and take inspired action boldly….and to do it all in a joyful way that allows your beautiful light to SHINE! It’s time to explore new ways of doing things and embrace new directions. If you have been holding back on moving forward in your life or business because it feels like it’s not yet “perfect”-just get started anyway! It’s better to take imperfect action than no action at all. There’s no more hiding with this dynamic new moon! It’s time to step fully into BEING the powerful and special being that you are.

We have also just come out the other side of the Lion’s Gate portal, which began around July 27th and reached its peak on August 8th. These powerful energies continued to reverberate through August 12th. The Lion’s Gate occurs when the Sun and the Earth align with Sirius, creating an opening between the physical and spiritual worlds. The sun is the ruler of Leo, so there is a strong focus on the Leo energies listed above as well as the Sirian focus-which is connected with new beginnings, new insights, new awareness and higher levels of conscious awakening.

We are being showered with much more divine wisdom from the higher realms now, which when integrated will help to activate our DNA as well assist in our awakening. This is a period of time when the celestial energies are supercharged and helping us to manifest much more quickly-so this is the time to decide where you want to go! You may notice since this powerful portal occurred that your life may be beginning to change SO much that the old is no longer aligned with who you are becoming! This is the amazing and transformative power of the Lion’s Gate portal.

Uranus stationed retrograde on Aug 15th. The retrograde energies are especially enhanced now with 6 planets in retrograde (including Chiron). Uranus frees you from situations that are not aligned with your Divine truth (sometimes very quickly or unexpectedly!) You may find yourself leaving a job, a relationship, relocating-or just starting something completely new and exciting in your life!

It’s a great time to look back at how far you’ve come this year, integrate everything that has led you to where you are now, and ensure that you are in alignment with where you are headed. Welcome in any necessary changes that will push you out of your comfort zone and help to create that divine alignment!

New moons are for setting intentions and planting the seeds for your magical desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. The best time to set your intentions is from the time the new moon becomes exact (7:42 PM Pacific/10:42 PM Eastern) up until 48 hours afterward.  Avoid setting intentions during a moon void of course period.

Questions to journal, reflect or meditate upon now:

~What would it look like if I chose to shine my light even more fully in the world?
~What area of my life is calling out for leadership and inspired action?
~What is one thing I can do today to connect to and play with my inner child right now?

Remember that you are a POWERFUL creator! Take this opportunity to make changes for the better and take the bold steps to create the life that you desire during this Leo season.

You’ve got this! <3