Good morning Goddess!

We began today basking in the Capricorn New Moon energies (the New Moon became exact at 10:53PM PT Wed Dec 28th~1:53AM ET Thurs Dec 29th).


The Capricorn themes involve our Divine goals and planning, responsibility, structure, boundaries, reality, and achievements. This is a time to be conscious and committed to showing up for our sacred selves with what we are creating in our lives.

We want to stay out of the fear mentality that Capricorn can fall into and to look at life & ourselves with less judgement and more faith. Where are we falling into the “us vs them” mentality? Are we feeling that tangible and material things are more important than intuition and creativity? There needs to be a balance between believing only in things based in “reality” and the spiritual & subconscious realms.

Now as we are still in the energy of Mercury retrograde, we are guided to reassess, revisit, rethink our past to decide if we want to continue along the same path or if we are ready to make some changes. There is a HUGE emphasis on reviewing our past year to take note of how it all went. What worked for us? What didn’t? Where are we feeling guided to make changes now? Mars sextiling both Mercury & the New Moon gives us the clarity and the necessary push to help us decide how we will move forward.

New Moons are for setting intentions and planting seeds for your magical desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. The best time to set your intentions is from the time the New Moon becomes exact (10:53PM PST on 12/28~1:53AM EST on 12/29) up until 48 hours afterwards. *NOTE* Please do NOT set intentions during a Moon Void of Course period.

Questions to ask yourself at this time:

~Are you living in your Highest Truth?
~Where are you still waiting for permission from others to BE the Divine being that you truly are?

I would love to hear about YOUR experience with the Capricorn New Moon energies! Please leave your comments below <3