Greetings, Goddess!

The winds of change ushered in a very powerful New Moon in 15 degrees of Aries Friday, April 5th. This occurred at 1:50AM PT(4:50AM ET).

The Arian themes include assertiveness, action, decisiveness, enthusiasm, leadership, courage, initiating, eagerness, and enterprise. Have you been sitting on a fabulous idea, waiting for the perfect time to get it out into the world? Waiting for the courage to step into the role of the leader you are here to be? NOW is the time. Take those steps forward and put those magical ideas and plans into ACTION!

This energy is even more powerfully emphasized with the Sun and Chiron also in action-taker Aries now. This provides TONS of extra energy to strongly support implementation and action. Take advantage of this opportunity! Saturn, Pluto and the South Node of the moon are squaring this Arian new moon. Saturn pushes you to focus, stay disciplined and revise your goals wherever needed. Pluto and the South Node step in to assist you in transforming anything that is holding you back, including any self imposed limitations.

We are now moving forward from the slow-down energy of Mercury Retrograde, which technically ended on March 28th. This gives us an additional green light to move forward and get GOING with what we wish to bring into form!

New Moons are a time to set intentions and plant the seeds for your highest desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. The best time to set intentions and act is within 48 hours after the new moon becomes exact. Avoid setting intentions while the moon is Void of Course.

Questions to ask yourself or journal upon now:

~What one action can I take right now to bring my dream closer to manifestation?
~Where in my life am I being guided to become more courageous and take risks?
~What decision do I need to make that will best serve my Highest Good?

I would love to hear about how you are experiencing this exciting New Moon energy! If guided, feel free to reply or leave a comment below with what is coming up for you at this time <3

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