Happy new moon, beautiful spirit! 🌙

We are celebrating the arrival of the magical new moon in 9 degrees of Gemini Monday, May 30th. This new moon becomes exact at 4:30 AM PT (7:30 AM ET).

The new moon opens the door to welcome powerful new beginnings in our lives, so it’s a spectacular time to decide to begin something new if you’ve been feeling the desire to uplevel!

Gemini’s themes include the mind, communication, information, the written and spoken word, education, workshops, classes, media, technology, and transportation. You may receive a flood of new ideas or information, or become more open to new experiences and new ways of thinking. You may make new valuable connections with others. Pay extra attention to your thoughts now-are they taking you in a positive or negative direction? If your thinking has been a bit uninspired or negative, this is an AMAZING time to look at how you can change this.

This new moon is aligning positively to Jupiter and Mars in Aries, providing us with an additional burst of take-charge energy to assist us in stepping into the infinite selves that we came here to be. Make a commitment to yourself to take a step or two in that direction right now!

New moons are a perfect time to set intentions-and then to follow with guided ACTION!! You are now planting the seeds for your magical desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. Write out your intentions around what you desire to create, and then pay attention to any guidance you receive on the steps to take to manifest it into your reality. Since we are in Mercury retrograde for a few more days, it’s ideal to wait until after June 3rd to take any major action on things that are especially important to you.

Venus entered Taurus on May 28th, where it will remain until June 23rd. Use this next month to begin incorporating more things into your life that bring you joy! Spend more time grounding yourself in nature, or treat yourself to other pleasurable things that you enjoy but don’t often make time for. Do what feels wonderful to YOU!

Mercury goes direct on June 3rd, then Saturn enters its retrograde period on June 4th. Notice where you are feeling the pull to move forward, but be prepared for some stop/start energy as well. Take notice of what may need further review or revision before advancing. Be patient and make adjustments as you feel guided.

This Gemini new moon also marks the end of our spring eclipse season. Are you feeling like there is still something that you need to let go of, a cycle to be brought to completion in your life? Try and release this now so that you can start this new moon cycle anew, feeling lighter and unrestricted!

The best time to set intentions is within 48 hours after the new moon becomes exact. It is also important to avoid setting intentions while the moon is Void of Course. You’re invited to join my Facebook membership group, the Lunar Goddess Sisterhood where I do live videos for each new and full moon. I also give you more information on the BEST times to set intentions, as well as tell you specifically which area of YOUR life the current moon cycle will affect! You can join us right now for only $55 per month.

Questions to reflect or journal upon:

🔮 Where am I feeling guided to make changes that will assist me to move more fully into alignment with my soul journey?
🔮 What do I truly wish to create in my life? Am I settling for less?
🔮 Which of my many options feels the most INCREDIBLE to me now?

I would LOVE to hear about how you are experiencing this amazing Gemini new moon energy! I invite you to leave a comment below about what is coming up for you at this time 💜