Hello Divine Ones!


We continue to celebrate yesterday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which occurred in 24 degrees of Pisces at 12:05 PM PT/3:05 PM ET.

Lunar eclipses are magical full moons on steroids…..VERY powerful and important events. Expect major transformational shifts for the next several weeks to months!

This particular eclipse activates the Virgo/Pisces axis with the sun in Virgo. The nodes of the moon are also involved with the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces. This places special emphasis on creating a connection between the energies of the head and the heart……the focus on the rational, practical mind (Virgo) and the world of spirit and your intuitive self (Pisces).

We are now being called to shift our consciousness, connect to our emotional bodies and our intuition on a soul level, bring in more of our dreamy spiritual side and make use of the healing modalities available to us. With Chiron (the “wounded healer”) also conjunct the lunar eclipse, we may find old memories, wounds and events popping up from the past that we would rather not revisit. Trust that whatever is coming up is needing to be healed…..so go within to do the necessary work to be able to forgive and release it. This is a time of completion, of endings. What are you aware of that is no longer useful to you in your life? It is time to release it with love so that you are able to move forward into new levels on your soul’s sacred path. Know that this is for your Highest Good and that we are always going to be transforming and releasing old energies throughout our lifetimes.

The last time we had a lunar eclipse in 24 degrees of Pisces was in September 1997. To get an idea of what area of your life will be affected by this eclipse, think back to what was going on in your life around that time. You will find similar themes being activated for you now as well. It won’t necessarily show up exactly the same way as it did back then, but it will most likely resonate with similar issues that were taking place at that time.

We are also still in the energies of Mercury Retrograde (until September 22) and the Solar Eclipse in Virgo for the next six to twelve months. There is a lot of energy flowing from all of these powerful events right now. Be sure to spend as much time as needed to rest and recharge! It is a very exciting time but we do need to focus on plenty of self care now to be able to handle all of these galactic changes that are occurring.

How are YOU flowing with these powerful changes? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the mysterious planetary energies happening right now? Please leave a comment below and let me know about your experiences with this eclipse and retrograde season!


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