Hellooo beautiful spirit!

We are heading into the Capricorn lunar eclipse energies this weekend.

This magical event occurs July 4th/5th in 13 degrees of Capricorn. The eclipse officially becomes exact at 9:44 PM Pacific on 7/4 (12:44 AM on 7/5 if you are on Eastern time).

Lunar eclipses are full moons on steroids…..VERY powerful and impactful events. You can expect major transformational shifts over the next several weeks to months. This begins a shift in consciousness that will unfold over the next 6 months and help us to connect more fully into our own divine journey.

This particular eclipse activates the Capricorn-Cancer polarity. With lunar eclipses, we are always asked to consider the energies of the sign that the sun is in also, as the sun & moon are in opposite signs during this event. Therefore we are creating a balance between these two very different astrological energies. The Capricorn themes involve your divine goals and planning, responsibility, structure, boundaries, reality, and achievements. The sun in Cancer also asks you to pay attention to the areas of home and family, nurturing, self care and your emotions. Cancer is also a very nostalgic and sentimental sign, so you may find yourself feeling emotional about “the good old days” or past connections that you have good memories of.

Lunar eclipses are a time of completion, of culmination, of endings. What are you aware of that is no longer resonating with you in your life? It is time to release it with love so that you are able to move forward into new levels on your soul’s sacred path. Know that this is for your highest good and that we are always going to be transforming and releasing old energies throughout our lifetimes.

How can you release? Simply write down what you wish to release (get all of those emotions out and on paper) and then burn that paper. By doing this, you are releasing that energy out into the Universe to be transmuted. You can also release physically by exercising, crying, pounding pillows-whatever feels right for you!
Emotions are magnified greatly now, and eclipses tend to bring about unexpected events. Be cautious about jumping headfirst into action now-take some time to think, meditate and go within before doing so. During a lunar eclipse and for some time afterwards, we are not able to see the full picture. More will be revealed after eclipse season ends and you will receive new information that was not available during the eclipse. Try to wait until after the new moon in Cancer on July 20th to move forward with something big and new-so that you are able to see the entire picture before doing so. This is a time to really ensure that you are nourishing your sacred self, as well as others. Create some time to honor yourself this week in whatever way feels best to you.

Mars entered its home sign of Aries on June 27th and will remain there until January 2021. This fiery placement will give us a BIG boost to take action and accomplish our goals throughout the remainder of 2020! Take this opportunity to decide what you wish to manifest and create this year-and then take inspired action upon this once the new moon in Cancer becomes exact later this month.

Saturn retrograded back into Capricorn on July 1st. Focus on any important responsibilities that need to be taken care of at this time and take the opportunity to get to work with grounded and practical actions in whatever area feels most needed.

The second of 2020’s three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions took place on June 29th. This provides us an opening personally and as a collective to look at how we can use our power to create positive things in the world-and with the intention of creating for the highest good of ALL. It’s also a perfect time to focus on how we can transform our own deep seated beliefs, to look at what is still holding us back and make the decision to redirect our focus to BE-ing the powerful creators that we came here to BE!

We currently have 5 planets in retrograde (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune & Pluto)-so the retrograde themes are very strongly emphasized! The retrograde time asks us to slow down, breathe and take care of body, mind and spirit. Take this time to redo, revise, reorganize, reconnect, reflect and refine wherever needed.

Questions to reflect or journal upon:

  • How is my soul calling out for me to commit to myself right now?
  • How can I best honor my self care needs during the eclipse cycle?
  • What goals can I set right now to take inspired action on for the new moon in Cancer?

Lots of energy is moving during this time! Take care of yourself, spend quiet time going within and make sure to honor your own needs during this eclipse season <3