Happy full moon, beautiful spirit!

Have you been experiencing some diverse emotions being churned up this week? It may be due to our powerful full moon in Gemini, which we will be welcoming in on Saturday night! This will occur in 27.5 degrees of Gemini at 8:36 PM PT (11:36 PM ET) on Dec.18th.

The focus now is on the polarity between Gemini (the Moon) and Sagittarius (the Sun). Gemini rules the mind, communication, information, and the written and spoken word. Sagittarius rules our search for and connection with our deepest truth, expansion, optimism, adventure and the beautiful wisdom we gain from our life experiences. The purpose of the Gemini full moon is to help us integrate and work in harmony with these two different types of energies. Notice your thoughts, but also connect to that magical inner wisdom that you may tend to ignore when getting lost in too much mental energy. Creating harmony between these two opposing signs will help us to make the best use of our full moon energies.

Venus will head into its retrograde period in 26 degrees of Capricorn on Dec 19th. Venus rules our love relationships, our self esteem and self worth, what we place value on in our lives, and our finances and resources.

Venus retrograde is an excellent time to take a deeper look at your love relationships, as well as your relationship with yourself. It’s also wonderful to create a plan to bring in more financial opportunities, to focus on self-development, or even go on some casual dates. It’s NOT the best time to start a brand new relationship, get married, buy big-ticket items, or make a major move with your finances. Some relationships will end now or past loves may return, potentially causing issues with current relationships. Try to wait on any major decisions until we are out of both the Venus and Mercury retrogrades (after Feb 4th, 2022 if possible).

Also on the 19th, Chiron the Wounded Healer wakes from its five month retrograde slumber- going direct in 8 degrees of Aries. Chiron brings to our attention the areas of our lives where we have unhealed wounds-and remind us that NOW is the time to begin the process of healing. Chiron in Aries reminds us of just how magical we truly are! Taking action to become aware of what is in need of healing, and then creating the space to heal and release this will assist us in claiming our power so that we can move forward once again.

The Winter Solstice on Dec 21st and this Gemini full moon invite us to take one last look at and review your 2021-and decide what you intend to create in 2022. It’s time for some deep reflection on how your year went, as well as to decide what will better serve you in the coming year. What are you no longer allowing into your life? Make the commitment to begin the process of releasing this during the full moon cycle. The day of the Solstice is an especially magical and potent time to create a simple space of ceremony to assist you in moving through this energy.

How can you release? Simply write down what you wish to release (getting all of your emotions onto paper) and then burn. By doing this, you are releasing that energy out into the Universe to be transmuted. You can also release the energy physically by exercising, crying, pounding some pillows-whatever feels most satisfying for you! If it is a situation, relationship, job, etc. you can simply make the decision to release this and begin taking the steps to do so as you feel guided.

Some questions to journal or reflect upon during this full moon cycle:

🔮 What have I been allowing into my life that I will no longer tolerate moving into 2022?
🔮 What will I choose to say “no” to so that I may honor my own self-care needs?
🔮 How is my soul calling out for me to commit to reaching my highest potential in the coming year?

Would you like to learn how this full moon cycle will impact you personally? I invite you to join me in my Facebook group, Awakening to Your Cosmic Design this Saturday, Dec 18th for my Gemini full moon video.

Be sure to spend as much time as needed to rest and recharge throughout this full moon cycle! It’s ideal to create a beautiful container of self care to enable you to move through all of the full moon energies, as well as the remainder of eclipse season. Take this time to make use of the many wonderful healing modalities available to you out there!

As always, I’d LOVE to hear how these powerful energies are impacting you! Feel free to comment below if guided 💚