Happy full moon, Goddess!

Today, January 28th we are welcoming in a magical full moon in 9 degrees of Leo. This becomes exact at 11:16 AM PT (2:16 PM if you are on Eastern time).

This full moon activates the Leo-Aquarius polarity. This means that the focus is on living authentically and fully in our unique truth-and also being courageous enough to shed all that no longer resonates with our true Divine selves. It’s time to explore new ways of doing things and to be open to the new directions that are opening up to us. We are to step completely into our leadership now, into being the beautiful and special beings that we truly ARE! We are also being guided to look at how we can contribute to the collective (Aquarius) from our own authentic heart centered space (Leo). How can you shine your unique light even more brightly now and share your creative gifts with the world?

We are also focusing on aligning head and heart to benefit others. Be mindful of the energy you are putting out into the world-BE love and you will create a beautiful ripple effect that will envelop the entire planet! Take some time each day to send some loving energy out to the collective and our beautiful Earth. Think of some ways you can be of assistance in your community. We all have the power to create change by simply being that change!

It’s a great time to look back at how far you’ve come over the past year, integrate everything that has led you to where you are now, and ensure that you are in alignment with where you desire to go next.

Jupiter (expansion) is aligned with the Sun in Aquarius and opposite this full moon, creating tension between Uranus (dynamic change) and Mars (action) which are squaring both the Sun and Moon, which form a frictional aspect called a T-square. This clash in energy can potentially show up as breaking down restrictions to create powerful change, or possibly disruption and chaos. You can use this energy for your highest good by noticing where you may have been feeling stagnant or stuck, following your inner guidance and being willing to make the epic changes that will best serve your soul’s growth in this year. Release anything that no longer serves you on your journey so that you can get more into alignment with the new path you are stepping onto now. Welcome in that Leo energy of courageousness by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and expanding your divine vision for your life to go bigger than you ever have before!

Mercury will go retrograde on Saturday, January 30th-so right now is a good time to take needed action on any unfinished business that you have. It’s a perfect time to complete major purchases of electronics, vehicles or homes and to also get any outstanding contracts completed and signed. We have the support of ALL planets still in direct motion up until the 30th-so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

Full moons are a time of completion, culmination and endings. Stay focused on the big picture of what you desire to create in 2021. What are you now aware of that is no longer resonating in your life? Be brave and release it with love so that you are able to keep moving forward on your soul’s earthly journey. Know that all is truly for your highest good, and that we are constantly transforming and releasing old energies throughout our lifetimes.

How can you release? Simply write down what you wish to release (get all of those emotions out and onto paper) and then burn. By doing this you are releasing that energy out into the Universe to be transmuted. You can also release physically by exercising, crying, pounding pillows-whatever feels good and right for you! If it is a situation, relationship, job, etc. you can simply commit to making the decision to release this-and start taking the steps to do so as you are guided.

Questions for reflection or journaling:

~What is the biggest thing holding me back from creating my dreams for this year? Am I willing to let this go now?
~What is the change I most need to make to be in alignment with my soul’s path at this time?
~What does my inner guidance most want me to know right now?


Full moons ask us to slow down and take extra special care of our minds, bodies & spirits! Be sure to spend as much time as needed to rest and recharge. Take this time to make use of the many wonderful healing modalities available to you such as energy work, meditation, massage, sound healing, salt baths, etc.

As always, I’d LOVE to hear how these powerful energies are impacting you!  Feel free to comment below if you feel guided <3

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