Happy 12:12, Divine goddess!

Have you been feeling some powerful emotions in the past few days? It may be due to our powerful full moon in Gemini, which we officially welcomed in overnight! This occurred in almost 20 degrees of Gemini at 9:12PM PT on 12/11 (12:12AM ET on 12/12).

The focus now is on the polarity between Gemini and Sagittarius. Gemini rules the mind, communication, information, and the written and spoken word. Sagittarius (on the opposite end) rules our search for truth, expansion, optimism, adventure and the beautiful wisdom we gain from our life experiences. The purpose of the Gemini full moon is to help us integrate and work in harmony with these two different types of energies. Pay attention to your thoughts, but also connect to that magical inner wisdom that you may ignore when getting lost in the energy of the mind. Gemini and Sagittarius will inspire us want to do everything all at once! Keep in mind that you can actually make the best use of the full moon energies by doing the exact opposite of this.

Jupiter is now in Capricorn until December 2021, bringing in the practical Capricorn energies of integrity, discipline, goal setting and commitment. Jupiter adds optimism, expansion, growth, generosity and abundance to the mix. Believe in yourself fully and commit to doing the practical work to reach your goals now!

Chiron the Wounded Healer is moving out of its 5 month long retrograde, going direct in 1 degree of Aries today 12/12. Whenever we have a slower moving planet changing direction, we will tend to feel the energies of that planet very powerfully. Chiron brings to our attention the areas of our lives where we have unhealed wounds-and remind us that NOW is the time to begin the process of healing. Chiron in Aries reminds us of just how magical we truly are! Taking action to become aware of what is in need of healing, and then creating the space to release will assist us in claiming our power so that we can move forward once again.

Full moons are a time to look at what needs to be released in your life. Now that the full moon has already become exact, it is a PERFECT time to focus on releasing what no longer serves you and anything else that is holding you back from living your dreams and desires.  As this is the very last full moon of the year, this is an AMAZING opportunity to do a review of 2019! Go within, connect with your higher guidance and look at what is coming up to be released. What are you no longer allowing into your life? Then make the commitment to release this during the full moon cycle-and decide what will better serve you in 2020!

How can you release? Simply write down what you wish to release (get all of those emotions out and on paper) and then burn. By doing this you are releasing that energy out into the Universe to be transmuted. You can also release physically by exercising, crying, pounding pillows-whatever feels right for you! If it is a situation, relationship, job, etc. you can simply make the decision to release this and start taking the steps to do so as you feel guided.

There is LOTS of energy flowing from all of these powerful events right now. Be sure to spend as much time as needed to rest and recharge! It is a very exciting time, but we want to remember to create a space for plenty of self care now to be able to move through all of the amazing galactic changes that have been occurring. Take this time to make use of the many wonderful healing modalities available to you such as energy work, meditation, massage, sound healing, salt baths, etc.

Some questions to journal/reflect upon at this time:

~What is one thing I can do this week to care for myself in an extra-special way?
~What messages do my Higher Self or Spirit have for me now?
~What do I need to release that is no longer in alignment with my Higher Self and leave behind as I move into 2020?

As always, I’d LOVE to hear how these magical energies are affecting you!  I invite you to comment below if guided <3