Tonight we celebrate the Full Moon in 23 degrees of Aries. This occurs at 9:23PM PT/12:23AM ET (Oct 16th for East Coast).dreamstime_xs_30019729

The message this Full Moon has for us is to stand STRONG in your powerful essence and focus on what YOU need and want! The moon cycle began with a New Moon in Libra, which asked us to focus on relationships. Now we come full circle and it’s time to stand up for our own needs and desires. With the Full Moon conjunct Uranus it is vital to also be your authentic self without apology!

Uranus tends to bring us unexpected events, changes or disruptions in our lives. By staying grounded in your center, being flexible and detaching from specific outcomes, you work with the Uranian energies for your highest good. Uranus wants us to see new possibilities for our lives and it often needs to “shake us up” for us to finally take the necessary steps to activate those possibilities.

It is time now to reflect on what is important to you and what changes are needed now to stay aligned with your miraculous soul essence. What in your life is not honoring your highest potential? Envision the steps that are needed to begin to honor this and then jump into action once the New Moon becomes exact on October 30th. Are you REALLY okay with living out of alignment with who you truly are and not creating a life you love? Are you willing to be bold and start taking the steps to TRANSFORM?

Full moons celebrate the culmination of the things you have been working to achieve since the beginning of the cycle with the new moon 2 weeks ago. Be sure to celebrate ALL of your sacred achievements, big and small! Reevaluate now and decide what you want to release from our life, whatever is no longer serving your highest good. You can journal about what you intend to release and then burn the paper in a fire safe container, releasing that energy to the Universe to be magically transformed.

I invite you to ask yourself these questions now:

  • Am I honoring my inner wisdom and my vision for my ideal life?
  • Where have I been settling for less?
  • What does my guidance say when I ask it what my next step is?

Please leave a comment with your answers-I would LOVE to hear how this Aries Full Moon is impacting you! Enjoy the lunar energies <3