Happy new moon, beautiful spirit!

We are welcoming in the audacious energy of a pivotal new moon in 1.5 degrees of Sagittarius this afternoon at 2:57 PM PT (5:57 PM ET). The Sagittarian themes involve our belief systems, our higher truth, travel to faraway places, adventure, our ideals, expansion, optimism, faith, our vision for ourselves and the world, and our connections with people from other cultures.

Sagittarius asks us to become aware of what our truth is, to explore that and take guided action that will enable us to speak and fully LIVE that truth. Are you using your authentic voice? Where are you being called to expand your divine vision for your life?

Jupiter goes direct just five minutes after this new moon, amplifying this energy of new beginnings and providing us with an abundance of blessings, optimism and expansion to guide us forward. Jupiter can be very beneficial by supporting us in expanding our vision for our lives and welcoming in exciting new possibilities for the future. This is a FABULOUS week to anchor in your intentions and begin to take some inspired action to create your dreams!

In addition to our Sagittarian Sun and Moon recently making the shift from Scorpio, we are also experiencing the joyfulness of Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius. This gives us yet another dose of this lighter and more optimistic Sagittarian energy-quite a change from what we may have experienced with the recent denser Scorpio energies.

We are in the process of tremendous changes, which are going to continue for some time yet. This can create strong feelings of insecurity, fear and instability. It’s good to remember that this is a vital process that will allow us to release what is no longer working and be open to new ways of doing things, new systems and new structures that will support us at a much higher level. This new moon will assist us in integrating this process and focusing on the benefits of what we are working towards. 2023 is looking to be a VERY impactful and powerful year astrologically, which will really come to our awareness around next March/April. As always, it’s totally up to YOU to be the author of your own story and decide just how you want that story to read! It is truly an exciting time of new possibilities. What do you believe is possible for yourself and the collective?

New moons are for setting intentions and planting the seeds for your highest desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. The best time to set your intentions is from the time the new moon becomes exact up until 48 hours afterwards.
*NOTE* Please do NOT set intentions during a Moon Void of Course period.

Questions to reflect/journal upon now:

🔥 Where do I need to speak up and share more of my truth with others?
🔥 Where am I being asked to step outside of my comfort zone and into adventure?
🔥 Am I open to moving into a new and more expansive vision for my life? What do I need right now to do so?

I would love to hear how this new moon is impacting YOU! I invite you to reply or leave me a comment about what is coming up for you at this time. What are you being guided to birth as we move closer to 2023?

Enjoy the magical new moon energies!

**I am still in the midst of my sojourn from client work throughout the remainder of 2022 as I rest and replenish. I am also in the process of re-envisioning my business and life for 2023 and beyond. I look forward to sharing with you some new and exciting ways for us to connect and work together when I return! 💜