Client Kudos

"I started working with Tami as my life coach to focus on my business growth and gain clarity on my goals. I expected to get action steps on how to achieve those goals, but what I got out of our sessions is so much bigger and more fulfilling than I ever could have anticipated. My work with Tami not only gave me a clearer vision on what I wanted, but also insight into who exactly it is I am looking for and why. She helped me develop and discover what my higher purpose is, and how my business and the culture I am creating aligns with that purpose. Our sessions helped me find my authentic voice, hone it, and learn to share it in a way that is clear, genuine, and true to myself.
My business has more than quadrupled since I started working with Tami, and I have reached every goal I initially set. I have no doubt our work together is an integral part of my success and achievement, and I look forward to continuing to manifest and design my most abundant life with the tools, practices and mindset I have learned. Thank you."

Heather Guyan

Rodan + Fields Consultant

"Tami’s highly intuitive and personal coaching has enabled me to take many steps on my own life path with clarity, confidence and a true sense of personal empowerment. I am always aware of Tami’s connection, patience and belief in me and I always know she is with me every step of the way as I explore the many options open to me and identify the value in every experience.
In particular, Tami has helped me move out of my deep seated perspective of “Lack” which is progressively falling away as I become increasingly more aware of the amazing abundance around me and my own power and ability to create my own abundant future!
I am continually deeply touched and comforted by Tami’s tenderness and natural ability to connect with me during every coaching session as we first identify and then release my own limiting beliefs that then release me to take another step, and always at my own pace.
Following the wonderful results of my coaching from Tami I signed up for her Natal Chart reading and I was amazed at the accuracy and detail of the reading. I loved the interaction of the reading and Tami’s flexibility to expand on any area and explain in more detail as it unfolded.
It was my first ever Astrology reading and the accuracy and relevance blew me away!
Tami is a wonderful and intuitive personal Life Coach and Astrology Reader. Her gifts and skills are directly attributable to my own growth and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone!"

Colin Horkley

BC, Canada