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http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-free-happy-woman-enjoying-nature-sunset-freedom-happiness-enjoyment-concept-beautiful-multiracial-asian-caucasian-girl-image34800376Are you struggling with limiting beliefs or patterns that keep you stuck and frustrated?

Would you like to learn how to become a conscious creator and live a life you absolutely love?

Tami’s passion is empowering women to reclaim their inner Goddess by assisting them in breaking free of limiting beliefs and showing them how they can joyfully create the life of their dreams! Everyone deserves to live a life filled with joy and abundance. When you can align with the essence of who you truly are, then you are able to confidently let your own radiant inner light shine! Once you acknowledge your own inner Goddess and step into your power, you can then transform your life and create everything you desire. Tami assists you in achieving this with heart-centered intuitive coaching, processes and meditations meant to guide you to your own inner wisdom and help you get crystal clear on what your vision is for your ideal life. Once you are clear on what you want…..then you are able to create it! Tami can then guide and support you in creating your vision for your fantastic future.

Tami offers transformational coaching services by phone and in person. She offers a free 30 minute discovery session so that you are able to decide if coaching is a fit for you without any obligation. There are several coaching packages to choose from. Are you ready to say YES! to your blissful and abundant life? Contact Tami at CelestialCoachTami@gmail.com.


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