Greetings, Goddess!

This week we are flowing with the energy of a beautiful new moon! This takes place on Friday, July 9th at 6:17 PM PT (9:17 PM ET) in 18 degrees of Cancer.

The moon is the ruler of Cancer, and is also the archetype of the mother in astrology. Cancer’s themes revolve around our home and family, the way we receive nurturing and the way we nurture others, and self care and our emotions.

Cancer is also a very nostalgic and sentimental sign, so you may find yourself reminiscing about “the good old days” or a past relationship that you have powerful memories of. It helps to remember that new moons are always about moving FORWARD, so it’s good to be aware of where you have been feeling mired in the energy of the past.

Mercury went direct on June 22nd. We have now moved fully through the post shadow period of Mercury retrograde, building up even more momentum to spring forward and get into action!
However, we do still have 4 planets retrograde (plus Chiron next week as well)-so we are going to be feeling some conflicting energy between the push to move forward and the desire to take time to slow down, rest and focus on our inner world. Be sure to allow plenty of time for yourself to replenish as needed. Neptune in Pisces trining our Cancer new moon will emphasize this need for replenishment and spending time within ourselves even more.

Venus is squaring Uranus the day before the new moon, showing us an opportunity for change in our relationships, creativity or finances. It’s wise to recognize this opportunity and take a step towards making that change in this new moon cycle. Uranus often will force us into change if we refuse to do it ourselves-so take the reins and ensure that you will create your desired outcome 🙂

Pluto is opposing the sun as well as our Cancer new moon, helping us to step more into our power and create transformation in our lives. Where would it benefit you to become more empowered in YOUR life right now?

Chiron is preparing to retrograde in Aries on July 15th, assisting us in rediscovering our true selves and asking us to look at what needs to be healed within the self to allow this to occur.

New moons are a time to set your intentions and plant the seeds for your highest desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. The best time to set intentions is within 48 hours after the new moon becomes exact. Avoid setting intentions when the moon is Void of Course. Please join me in my Facebook group, Awakening to Your Cosmic Design for this Friday’s Cancer new moon video. You will receive guidance on the best times to set your intentions, as well discover how this new moon will impact you personally!

Questions to reflect or journal upon:
~Where in my life do I most need to make changes now?
~How am I choosing to reevaluate my life and rediscover my true self during the rest of 2021?
~What is showing up that is in need of healing for me right now?

I would LOVE to hear about how you are experiencing this powerful Cancer new moon energy! What is coming up for you to look at more closely this week? I invite you to comment below and share your experience <3