Happy Saturday, Divine One!

We are currently swimming in the energies of a magical Cancer Full Moon. This full moon became exact at 9:49AM PST~12:49PM EST Sat, Dec 22nd in almost 1 degree of Cancer.

Our Cancer Full Moon asks us to focus on nurturing. How can we nurture ourselves as well as others right now? Are we getting all of our needs met? We may feel a pull back and forth between the Cancer energies of caring and nurturing opposite the Sun in Capricorn energies of practicality, stability, and structure. The goal is to integrate these two different sets of energies to create a harmonious balance. Cancer wants us to open our hearts, while still keeping our feet on the ground as we do so.

The Winter Solstice on Dec 21st invites us to take one last look at 2018 and decide how we want to start our 2019. It’s time for some deep reflection on how you feel your year went and to decide what you intend to create in the coming year. Here is a very simple solstice ritual from Julie Peters’ article, Meaningful Rituals for Winter Solstice in the online Spirituality and Health blog:

Light a candle, and then reflect upon 2018: What have you learned this year? How do you feel about the events of the year? What are you releasing from 2018? Blow out the candle, grieve wherever needed, then relight the candle. Look at the candle as you focus on your dreams and desires for 2019.

A fabulous spiritual teacher that I follow on YouTube, Amanda Ellis, says this is a time when we may feel a bit wobbly or vulnerable and start taking an inventory of self. She suggests that we ask ourselves some deep questions right now:

~Who am I?
~What am I doing?
~Why am I doing it?
~Is it worth it?

We have a powerful Solar Eclipse on January 5th to start off 2019, so this will be a super magical time to set intentions and decide how you would like your year to go!

It’s time to celebrate the culmination of the things you have been working to achieve since the beginning of the cycle with the new moon 2 weeks ago. Be sure to celebrate ALL of your magical achievements, big and small!

The Full Moon wants you to take a look at what needs to be released in your life. It is the Universe’s way to help you focus on releasing what no longer serves you, and anything that is holding you back from moving forward with your dreams and desires. This is a AMAZING way to mark the end of 2018 and decide what energy you choose to bring into your New Year!

How can you release? Simply write down what you wish to release (get all of those emotions out and on paper) and then burn. By doing this you are releasing that energy out into the Universe to be transmuted. You can also release physically by exercising, crying, pounding pillows-whatever feels right for you!
Here are a few more questions to reflect/journal upon for the Cancer Full Moon:

  • Have I been neglecting my own needs or those of someone close to me?
  • What messages do my Higher Self or Spirit have for me now?
  • What is one step I can take now to live in alignment with what I wish to create in 2019?

Please leave a comment below about what is coming up for you with these energies-I would LOVE to hear how this Cancer Full Moon is impacting you! Take good care of yourself for the next few days (and always!) Happy Holidays <3