Happy full moon, beautiful spirit!

We are currently moving into the magical energy of a Cancer full moon! This will become exact on Monday, Jan 17th at 3:48 PM PT (6:48 PM ET) in almost 28 degrees of Cancer.

The moon is the ruler of Cancer, and is also the archetype of the mother in astrology. Cancer’s themes revolve around our home and family (including our soul family!), the way we receive nurturing and the way we nurture others, and our self care and emotions. Since this full moon is in the sign that it rules, these themes and the energies will be particularly amplified.

This watery full moon asks us to put a strong focus on nurturing ourselves during the next couple of weeks. Are we getting all of our own needs met? We may feel a pull between the Cancer moon energies of caring and nurturing, which are opposite the Capricorn sun energies of practicality and stability. The idea is to integrate these opposing energies to create a harmonious balance between them. Cancer and Capricorn ask us to remember to open our hearts, while still keeping our feet on the ground.

Cancer is also a very nostalgic and sentimental sign, so you may find yourself reminiscing about “the good old days”, some happy family memories or even a past significant relationship.

Pluto is aligned with the sun and opposite our Cancer full moon, helping us to allow what is complete to fall away and welcome in transformation. Where do you need to be courageous and allow radical change to take place?

Venus is trining Neptune, bringing in a beautiful soothing flow of softer energy and enhancing our spiritual connection. This is a great time to bring in something beautiful from nature to uplift the energy in your home! 💐

Uranus goes direct in Taurus on January 18th, which can bring about sudden or unexpected events for us as a collective, or potentially for you personally. This may help you free yourself from a situation where you have been feeling stuck or stagnant for a while, opening the door to activate something new in your life!

The lunar nodes are preparing to change signs, which only happens every 19 months! Unlike the planets, the nodes are consistently moving backwards through the signs. They will move from Gemini (North Node) and Sagittarius (South Node) into Taurus (North Node) and Scorpio (South Node) on Jan 18th. This will create a collective shift into earth and water energy until mid-July of 2023. There is SO much more to say about this shift, but that will be for another post!

Full moons celebrate the culmination of the things you have been working to achieve since the beginning of the new moon cycle two weeks ago. Be sure to celebrate ALL of your wins, big or small! Reevaluate and notice what is calling out to be released from your life, what is no longer serving your highest good (old habits, ways of being, situations, relationships, etc). You can journal about what you intend to release and then burn the paper in a fire safe container, releasing that energy to the Universe to be magically transformed.

Please join me in my Facebook group, Awakening to Your Cosmic Design for Monday’s Cancer full moon video. I will be sharing with you how this full moon will impact you personally!

I invite you to ask yourself these questions during our Cancer full moon:

💫 How will I commit to giving myself extra nurturing in this full moon cycle?
💫 What constricting energies are ready to be released now in my life to allow more beneficial energies to be birthed?
💫 How can I spend more time with the people who truly nourish and care for me? Do I have a “soul family” who lifts me up?

I would LOVE to hear about how you are experiencing this powerful Cancer full moon energy! I invite you to comment below and share your experience <3