Astrology is Evolutionary Astrology?

Have you ever wondered “Why am I here”?

Are you ready to look at your life in a new way?

Are you interested in new insights into the purpose of astrology and willing to grow and change?

Evolutionary astrology is based on the principle of reincarnation. It holds the belief that each of us as a Soul chooses what we wish to experience in this life before we are born…..we choose our families, relationships and the experiences we need to have to further our soul’s evolution in this lifetime. Therefore we choose the placements in our birth chart to reflect our experiences in our current life. Each of us has a unique path & purpose for our current lifetime. We also bring in the lessons and energies of our past lives into the present.

Tami can help you to discover how to best work with the energies in your birth chart to help you to find out where your strengths lie, what makes you “tick” and how to create your best life. She will also look at the current astrological energies in play to help you choose the best way to align with those energies in moving forward. For an astrology reading please contact Tami

Needing more answers? Astrology works well with transformational coaching to help you to move through any limiting beliefs or “stuck” feelings that hold you back from creating the life you desire. Tami will discuss your birth chart with you in the first session then assist you using coaching in subsequent sessions by working with your chart energies and using heart-centered intuitive coaching processes, techniques and meditations to show you how you can create your desires. Please see the Astrology Services page for more information about astrology readings. For coaching in combination with an astrology reading, please contact Tami directly at