About Tami

My purpose is integrating astrology, Human Design, and numerology to support you to awaken to and align deeply with your next level self while fulfilling your purpose to create a life that you absolutely LOVE.
Everyone deserves to live a life filled with joy and abundance. When you can align with the essence of who you truly are, then you are able to confidently let your own unique inner light shine! Once you step into your power and commit to your next level self, you can then transform your life and create whatever you desire.

I assist you in achieving this by utilizing the magic of the stars, heart-centered intuitive guidance, spiritual healing methods, exercises and meditations meant to guide you to your own inner wisdom and help you get crystal clear on what your vision is for your aligned and joyful life. Being completely clear on what you want is the first step towards creating it! I can then guide and support you in making your vision a reality.

I have been interested in the spiritual and metaphysical realm since the age of 13. For 23 years I worked helping others through my career in the medical profession. As a sensitive being, working in this field for several years helped me to get clear about my own unique path.

I desired to continue to help others, but in a different way and in a healthier environment that supported my spirit. I decided that I wanted to create my own spiritual business. I began to expand my knowledge in the spiritual realm by working with crystals, angels, Reiki and more.

I moved to Sedona, Arizona in 2010 where I found myself suddenly on the “fast track” to spiritual growth! I followed my guidance to study astrology and started my own astrology business in 2013.

I was then guided to the Quantum Success Coaching Academy coaching program. The QSCA even more intensely accelerated my spiritual growth, helping me to successfully move through my own fears, resistance and limiting beliefs, connect with my true divine self, and empowered me to move forward towards a bright future in my own spiritual business.

My greatest joy is empowering you to awaken to and align deeply with your next level self so that you can create a life of joy, purpose and freedom! If you are ready to take the first step, I would love to connect with you.

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