3 C’s to a Thriving Spiritual Business!

Putting these three steps into action today can get you started on the right track to being in alignment with a thriving and joyful business.


Getting clear on exactly what you desire in your spiritual business is an important first step to manifesting a joyful and prosperous business that is in complete alignment with your heart and soul. Being 100% clear about what you want will help to manifest your desires much more quickly and completely. A short time each day spent getting clear can save you from taking many unnecessary actions as well as years of trial and error.

The best place to start is to quiet your mind and create a calm, relaxed space. Think about what it is that you would like more clarity about. Take a few deep breaths, then imagine yourself connecting with your soul. Picture your soul as a light and joyful energy above you. Feel your soul’s light and love flowing down through the top of your head, cleansing your mind and releasing any resistance or negative thoughts. Picture your thoughts being filled with this beautiful light and rearranged into a more open pattern that feels lighter and more joyful. Continue sensing your soul’s energy moving down through the rest of your body and aligning the mental, emotional, and physical bodies with its powerful loving energy.

From this peaceful space, answer these questions:

  • What do I want?”
  • Why do I desire this?”
  • “How will I feel when I receive it?”

Write down the first things that come to your mind without censoring. Trust any guidance you receive and take any actions you feel prompted to take!


The previous exercise also helps you learn how to begin to connect with your Higher Self (or intuition). Getting to know this Divine part of you helps you to get into alignment with your desires and receive the guidance and know-how to create them. Your Higher Self knows all of your dreams, your challenges, and your purpose for being on the Earth at this time. This part of you also knows the best and easiest way to accomplish your dreams and live a life of joy. Connecting with your Higher Self allows you to connect with your radiant inner Goddess and shine your authentic light out into the world. How would your spiritual business transform if you were able to be 100 % authentic and completely connected with your inner radiance each day?

Your Higher Self is always a part of you, even if you are not aware of it. It just takes a little practice to learn how to reconnect and receive the information it has for you!


  • Meditation is a great way to become familiar with your Higher Self. Meditation also creates a peaceful mind and makes you more productive and clear. If you aren’t used to meditating, try a guided meditation like my Empowerment Meditation (also included in your Thriving Spiritual Business Woman Treasure Chest). Most of these consist of a person speaking in a calming voice throughout the meditation. Some of these are set to music, others are not. Notice if you receive any nudges or guidance: Are you feeling guided to contact a specific person? Are you getting a strong urge to take a specific action in your business? Pay attention to what you are seeing, feeling, and hearing. Put your hand on your heart to get you out of your head when you want to receive information.
  • You can also try just sitting for five or ten minutes at a time to quiet the mind. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Just practice being quiet, noticing and releasing any thoughts that come in. You can light a candle and focus on the flame if you need a visual (or if you like to have your eyes closed, just picture in your mind what you want to see). If you are a creative or athletic type, simply getting completely into the activity you are doing can also give you flashes of insight and guidance. Creative activities that you love to do like playing, running, painting, and playing music get you into alignment with your Higher Self automatically.
  • “Gut” feelings-pay attention to what your body is telling you. These gut feelings are your inner sense of knowing. Have you ever met someone and instantly known how you felt about them, maybe even getting a knot or a sinking feeling in your belly? Have you ever gotten a feeling to take a different way to work than you normally do? Or to immediately call someone you haven’t talked to in a while? You can use these feelings to guide you in making decisions in your life. Try it out with smaller decisions at first, then the bigger ones. When getting ready to make a decision, ask yourself “How do I feel about this decision?” “Does it feel good to me or not?” Pay attention to the feelings that come up in your body. Practice this until you feel comfortable with knowing exactly what your body is telling you. Your intuition will help you to make the choices that serve you for your Higher good.


By doing the previous exercises in this report, you will learn to start trusting yourself and gaining confidence as you get clarity on what you want and are able to connect to your Higher Self. Know that you have the right to make your own choices in your life and that you are your own highest authority when it comes to making decisions for yourself and your business. Here are some more ways to build your confidence:

  • Embrace your talents! Make a list of the ways in which you are different than other people and recognize that those are YOUR own Divine talents. Use these to your advantage in becoming a strong empowered leader and moving your business in an exciting new direction!
  • Take risks! Try something new and different every day…..especially if it is something you’ve been afraid to do! Step outside of your comfort zone and go to events where you can make new contacts. Travel alone to a place you’ve never been before. Invest in that mentor who you’ve been feeling guided to work with. Listen to your heart…..what is it asking YOU to do next?
  • ACTION! Take BIG action in your business as guided. Stay out of “analysis paralysis”! Do you keep feeling guided towards a particular action but second guess yourself every time you think about it? Does it feel scary (but exciting!) or do you feel you “need some more time to think about it” even though it keeps coming up over and over? It could be time to just take the action. If it feels right in your heart but you keep finding excuses to avoid it……..just take a deep breath and DO it!

Connect with your power!

Stand in your integrity and truth with everything that you do and say.  Honor and accept yourself for who you are. Communicate respectfully and compassionately with others and expect the same in return. Honor their worth, time and values. Let go of the need for permission or validation from other people (no more “people pleasing”!) Stepping gracefully into your power can turn your business (and life) around completely!

It is your Divine birthright to be successful, happy and receive a fantastic income in your spiritual business! By taking the steps to get into alignment with your radiant Goddess self, you can create your thriving business with much more joy and ease.

You have taken the first step by reading this free report!

Feeling empowered? Ready to move forward and transform?

Then I invite you to take the next step towards your dream business…..and life!

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