Hello Goddess! 💜

We are fully in the earthy and practical energy of our Virgo new moon today, August 27th as of 1:17 AM PT (4:17 AM ET).

This new moon became exact in 4 degrees of Virgo. If you know the astrological house where 4 degrees of Virgo falls in your birth chart, you will have an awareness of which area of your life is most likely to be influenced by this celestial event.

The Virgo themes include the rational & practical mind, organization, perfectionism, being of service to others, getting grounded in our earthly incarnation and focusing on the details, cautiousness, focus on our health and daily routines, and being meticulous and methodical.

This is a FABULOUS time to Implement new routines for yourself in the areas of health and self care. It’s also a wonderful time to focus on cleaning, clutter clearing, organizing, and creating new habits that will better align with your highest good. Look at the practical things you can do in your daily life to create your goals and dreams. Mental pursuits, work activities, services, and routines are all great activities that would benefit from tending to the details now.

Mars is squaring the Virgo new moon, pushing us to take action on our goals. We can use the practical energy of Virgo to help us get clear on the best way to move forward that will ultimately serve our highest potential.

Uranus entered its retrograde period on August 24th, giving us a strong push (and a golden opportunity!) to implement dynamic changes in our lives. What will you choose to liberate yourself from through these last few months of 2022 that will allow you to stand more fully in your authenticity and purpose?

The strong focus on Earth energy (Sun & Moon in Virgo, Uranus & North Node in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn) will assist you in creating stability and structure for whatever you wish to begin during this Virgo new moon cycle.

New moons are perfect for setting your intentions for what you wish to create, therefore planting the seeds for your highest desires to manifest. The most powerful times to set your intentions is generally up to 48 hours from the time the new moon becomes exact (be sure to avoid Moon Void of Course periods when doing so).

Questions to reflect or journal upon now:
🌙 What am I being asked to unshackle myself from that will allow me to evolve fully into my authentic being?
🌙 How could some small changes in my daily habits benefit me?
🌙 In which areas of my life can I bring in more stability and structure to progress closer to my dreams and goals?

What are YOUR intentions for our lovely Virgo new moon? I invite you to comment below if you would like to share 💜