Celestial Transformations
Celestial Transformations
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Beautiful spirit,

The past few years has provided us with much awakening. It is incredibly urgent, now more than ever to know ourselves deeply, decide what is most meaningful to us, and commit to creating a life that is in full alignment with who we are at a core level.

Do you feel like there is a “next level” version of yourself beginning to emerge now?

Are you longing to rediscover who you truly are and become fully aligned with who you came to this planet to be?

Do you feel a strong need to burn down certain areas of your life in order to create a life that you truly LOVE?

Are you ready to rewind your old programming now and expand into new purpose, joy and freedom in your life?

Are you ready to reinvent, recalibrate and realign into your highest possible expression of yourself without compromising or settling?

You hold the power to blaze a new and aligned path for yourself and create a life of joy, purpose and freedom that completely honors who you are!

My name is Tami Schmickle, and I integrate astrology, Human Design, and numerology to support you to awaken to and align deeply with your next level self while fulfilling your purpose to create a life that you absolutely LOVE.

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I had my first Mystical Design Session with Tami in July 2016 and I must say that I was completely BLOWN AWAY with her accuracy and insights! I have had approx 6 other Astrological Readings and Tami’s was, by far, the best. In particular Tami used the planetary movement and positions to help guide me in the next steps in my business and in my personal life. I have been torn between my “artist” and “sage” self for years and the chart clearly told me to follow my Creative Passions! She also connected the reading with some of the life choices I have been considering. The reading also included my life challenges and insight to work through these challenges and a personal affirmation. If you are a Heart Based Entrepreneur or business owner, Tami is one of the most gifted Astrologers and Coaches that I have experienced!! Thank you Tami for your gift!!

Sarah Elizabeth Shapiro
LCSW Millionaire Mindset Coach